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For information on and audio of CW Bayer’s original songs visit

A facebook page for northern Nevada buskers: Northern Nevada Busker News.

For information on, presentation calendar and audio of THE GOLD RUSH BANJO, history and performances, visit

For stories and pictures from Major Ormsby’s Carson City go to The man without a statue, one of the west’s great dramas. -the songs of the Coyote Puppet Theater, collected and with their activity books.

For information on BOOKS BY CW BAYER see this page with descriptions and then click here to find the books: Books by CW Bayer on SCRIBD. These include:

    THE CELTIC HARP AT STONEHENGE--the structure of ancient British and Celtic thought.

    PROFIT, PLOTS AND LYNCHING--the creation of Nevada Territory.

    THE MINER’S FAREWELL--on the trail of gold rush song and dance.

    TRUCK TRAIN THROUGH THE SAND--the 1919 Transcontinental Motor Convoy Through Carson City.